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Category: Rc3 Media Pro Demo
Published: 29 May 2013
Last Updated: 01 June 2013
Created: 29 May 2013
File Types: webmv,m4v,flv

Content Delivery Network

RC3 Media player Pro is a package of components that allow you to playback protected or unprotected media from Amazon AWS servers. The system utilizes Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon Cloudfront as the Content Delivery Network to protect your media from leeching and unauthorized viewing. Using a content delivery network for your media allows you to get away with using commodity hardware or shared hosting and not require the bandwidth neccesary to host your own video.

Multi-Device & Cross Browser Compatible

By providing multiple file types the built in JPlayer Attempts to play back using native HTML5 and has a flash fallback in case HTML5 is not supported. Playback on Iphone, Ipad, Android, and other mobile devices.

Fully Skinnable Jplayer

Multiple skin choices are included but if you want to create your own or completely brand your player, this player is easily skinned. If that's not enough, this extension even looks for layout overrides in your template. Visit Jplayer.org


 AWS & Local File Management In One Component

Browse and manage both your remote and local filesystem on the same interface. No need to go back and forth to AWS and joomla or switching components. You can also upload audio/video straight from the video selector when you are editing your media content in joomla.

Streaming Capabilities

Both streaming and progressive download playback types are supported. You decide.